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Because of the Government Shutdown, the trail maintenance trips are on hold. We are not covered by the USFS insurance during a shutdown, thus are not allowed to work in the forest.

Thursday, Jan 10 - Bakers Creek Trail on Private Property - While the Federal Lands are still shut down to us for working, Joanne has asked me to send this out to the crew. Bobby and Joanne, along with some folks from TRDC will be working on the privately owned Baker's Creek. If you would like to join them, you may bring your horses, or even 4 wheelers to the boat ramp at 8:00 on Thursday, January 10th, 2019. Bring chain saws if you go. You are not required to use any safety equipment or to have any certifications. If you want to join them, give Joanne Mitchell a call at 865-250-1645.

Saturday, Jan 12 - BMTA GA Work Trip - Hike/Scout Trail for the coming months - Meet at the Village Restaurant in Blue Rdge at 8 AM. Sign up by contacting Phil Guhl at or 770-548-5590. Phil says he has been dragging my feet to send out the notice for this month due to the government shutdown and hoping there would be a resolution, but it is what it is.  So….We will meet at the Village Restaurant in Blue Ridge at 8:00 AM.  I will see how many volunteers we get and assign tasks at the restaurant, of which most will be hiking/scouting trail to identify those items we can go after in the next few months.  This is a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the trail with other like minded folks.  We have several sections that need to be looked at to get some details on maintenance needs, such as erosion control (water diversions and nicks), side hilling, widening the trail, tread repair, and brushing.  If we get enough volunteers we will have some bench construction tasks for a few folks in preparation for a future trip.


Thursday, February 6 - Miller Ridge and Little Citico Creek Horse Trails - Hey South Zone Trail Volunteers – Happy New Year! It has been a crazy couple months, but we are back at it. I will not be able to go with you all tomorrow, but everybody can meet here at the office at 0800. I will introduce you to our new trail intern, Katherine Gates, and go over the tailgate safety info. We will NOT be having a safety meeting/breakfast tomorrow. My idea is to take a look at either Citico horse trails, or Miller Ridge horse trail. Spring is just around the corner, and I am sure people will be out riding soon. See you tomorrow. Gray Buckles

Thursday, February 14 - Tellico Trail Crew - Flats MtnTrail - We will be clearing logs off the trail with crosscut saw. Meet at the Tellico Ranger Station at 8 AM

Thursday, February 21 - Tellico Trail Crew - Rocky FlatsTrail - We will be clearing logs off the trail with crosscut saw. Meet at the Tellico Ranger Station at 8 AM

Thursday, February 28 - Tellico Trail Crew - Rocky Flats Trail - We will be clearing logs off the trail with crosscut saw. Meet at the Tellico Ranger Station at 8 AM


Thursday, March 7 - Ocoee Trail Crew - Sylco Trail - We will be logging and brushing out this trail. Meet at the Ocoee Hardee's at 8 AM

Thursday, March 14 - Ocoee Trail Crew - Sylco Trail - We will be logging and brushing out this trail. Meet at the Ocoee Hardee's at 8 AM

Thursday, March 21 - Tellico Trail Crew - Conasauga Falls Road - We will be helping a college group clean up the trash along the FS road to Conasauga Falls Trailhead. Meet at the Tellico Ranger Station at 8 AM

Saturday, March 23 - TN BMTA Work Trip - Section 12c - Kimsey Hwy to McFarland Rd - We will log and brush out this section

Thursday, March 28 - Ocoee Trail Crew - Sylco Trail - We will be logging and brushing out this trail. Meet at the Ocoee Hardee's at 8 AM


Thursday, April 4 - Tellico Trail Crew - Rocky Flats Trail - Plans are to meet at 8 AM at the Ranger Station, attend the short safety meeting, then split up into two crews. I believe the plan is to send a crew to Rocky Flats Trail with crosscuts and send another crew to the Warriors Passage Trail with chainsaw and brushcutters.

Wednesday, April 10 - Warriors Passage Trail - We will continue our work on the Warriors Passage Trail. Join us for a day of looping and chainsaw work on the upper 2.8 miles of the trail. We will meet at the ranger station at 8 AM, then carpool to the Bald River Road crossing, leaving some vehicles there, then drive up to near the top of Waucheesi Bald to the spot where the trail leaves the forest service road. We will work downhill (about 2000 feet over 2.8 miles) back to our vehicles on Bald River Road. The plan is to cut out whatever trees we find across the trail and lop and brushcut the trail as we go down. Bring lunch, 2 liters of water and wear long pants, sturdy boots. If you have them, bring a helmet, eye protection, and gloves. We can provide tools. Let Richard Harris know if you are coming here or email me at

Thursday, April 11 - Tellico Trail Crew - Bald River Trail - We will be clearing logs off the trail with crosscut saw. Meet at the Tellico Ranger Station at 8 AM

Meet at 9 am to help in maintaining the Club section of the BMTA. This is a three mile section along the Hiwassee River just upstream from Reliance, TN. Bring gloves, boots, hand tools and a lunch and water for a day of brush clearing along the trail. This time of year there are a multitude of flowers usually in bloom along the river.  Hike Leader  Clayton Pannell, 423-263-9730 or 

Thursday, April 18, 2019 Tellico Trail Crew - Indian Boundary Opening Preparation - This Thursday is the annual cleanup day at Indian Boundary Rec Area.  I would like to work on the loop trail, but other folks could help Mary Jane and the others in the campground.  It is also a pot-luck lunch, so bring a dish if you would like.  We will meet here at 0800.  We need to be at the beach at IBRA at 0830.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks, Gray

Thursday, April 25 - Rocky Flats Trail - Hey – We will meet at the Ranger Station tomorrow morning at 0800. I would like to finish Rocky Flats but I am open to suggestions! See you tomorrow. Gray Buckles


Thursday, May 2 - Sylco Trail - Welcome back to the Ocoee/Hiwassee! Meet behind Ocoee Hardees at 8:00. After the tailgate meeting we will travel to Sylco Trail for our last trip there in 2019 (hopefully). Sawyers and swampers will be needed. Weedeaters and loppers can be used by the rest. We will be working from the Chable gate to the church camp. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Friday, May 3 - TN BMTA Work Trip - Coker Creek to Wildcat Creek - Today 5 of us brushed and logged out the Benton MacKaye/ John Muir Trail from near Wildcat Creek to Coker Creek. Long hot day with a lot of work accomplished.

Thursday, May 9 - Basin Branch Trail - Currently the forecast is showing the rain holding off until Thursday night, so we will try and repair the stream crossing at Basin Branch with the machines. Shovels, Pulaskis, rakes, will be needed to cut back slope, and spread gravel. Also, there are 3 trees down. We can hold off on the lopping and weedeating until the following Thursday. Meet at the Monroe County gate of Basin Branch Trail at 8:00. If you don't know where that is, then meet at the Maple Springs Trailhead at 7:50. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Thursday, May 16 - Starr Mtn Trails - We have some odds and ends on Starr Mtn that will take half a day or so. Sawyers, swampers, weedeaters, and loppers will be needed. Meet at Maple Springs Trailhead at 8:00. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Thursday, May 23 - Rough Creek Trail - Sorry this is late. I am on hay-cation and have been away from the office. We have been asked by he SAWS ranger, and the hiking community to assist in logging out the Rough Creek wilderness trail in the Big Frog Wilderness. Crosscut sawyers, and trainees are needed. Meet at the Ocoee Hardees at 8:00. Bring plenty of liquid and be prepared for a hot six mile hike with lots of sawing. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Saturday, May 25 - TN BMTA Work Trip - Section 16d - Brookshire Creek to Sugar Mtn Rd - We will log and brush out this section which is in Wilderness

Thursday, May 30 - Rough Creek Trail - We'll be heading back to Rough Creek for more crosscut work. We intend to enter from the lower Lick Log Trailhead. The weaker hikers can begin sawing there. The stronger ones intend to go to the middle of the Rough Creek Trail and begin where we left off last week. This is supposed to be the section with the most blowdowns. It has not been maintained in over a decade. Meet at Ocoee Hardees at 8:00. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid


Thursday, June 6 - Kirkland Creek Trail - Hey Folks – Thank you. I really enjoyed Saturday and I hope you did as well. I would like to work on Kirkland creek. It needs brushed and logged out. This is Wilderness, so crosscut saws, loppers, and sling bkades. I would like to work on Miller Ridge the following week. People can meet at the office at 8am. Thanks again for all of the support! Gray

Saturday, June 8 - GA BMT Section 6b - Falls Branch - Where: Section 06b, Fall Branch Falls When: Saturday, June 8, 2019 Meet: 8:00 AM at the Iron Bridge Café and General Store (8436 Aska Rd., Blue Ridge, GA 30513) or 9:00 AM at Fall Branch Falls Plan for the Day: Two activities: 1) Install two benches, 2) Water diversion workshop What to bring: Minimum 2 liters of water, long pants, boots, gloves, and snack. Contact: Phil Guhl at or 770-548-5590 (Please RSVP so I can plan on the number of tools and helmets) We will have two teams and I anticipate this being a relatively short, but productive, day. If you can make it, let me know which team you want to be on. Team Bench (Barry Allen – Crew Leader): Objective: Complete digging out the turnouts where the benches will be installed. Assemble the benches and plant them! Easy, huh? Well, it may be a little more labor than implied, but it will be fun and rewarding. Did I mention we have to carry the pieces of the bench up to the sites? Maybe an eighth to a quarter mile walk. Team Dirt (Phil Guhl – Crew Leader): Objective: Carry a piece of a bench up and drop it off on the way to the water diversions. I will dig a diversion while explaining what the objective is and what I am doing. Then each team member will dig a diversion and I will provide feedback to help us all get better at doing what's right.

Thursday, June 13 - Kirkland Creek Trail - We will finish off the Kirkland Creek Trail in the new Upper Bald River Wilderness. We will go in from the bottom end of the trail from Bald River Road. Meet at the ranger station at 8 AM.

Thursday, June 20 - Tavern Branch Trail - Hey folks – We will meet tomorrow morning at 0800 here at the office. The plan will be to work on Miller Ridge/Tavern Branch. We will need a couple chainsaws and brush cutters.

Saturday, June 22 - TN BMTA Work Trip - Heart of Darkness Sledrunner Gap to Sandy Gap - We will completely brush and log out this difficult to access section of the BMT

Thursday, June 27 - Tavern Branch Trail - We will meet up at 0800 here at the Tellico office on Thursday June 27th. We need to finish brushing out the upper portion of Tavern Branch. See your then! Gray

Friday, June 28 - TN BMTA Work Trip - BMT from Sledrunner Gap to Sandy Gap - Friday, yesterday, a team of 5 brushcutter folks finished off the Heart of Darkness on the Benton MacKaye Trail between Sledrunner Gap and Sandy Gap. The men and women who (wo)maned the brushcutters were John Zardis, Brenda Harris, Rick Harris, Ed Sullivan, and Ken Jones. We walked 7 or more miles to accomplish this task, a lot of it up steep hills. Glad that is over, at least for a while.


Thursday, July 4 - No work trip

Thursday, July 11 - Coker Creek Falls Trail - We will meet at the Maple Springs Trailhead Parking Lot on Maple Springs Road at 8 AM. From there we will carpool to the Coker Creek Falls Trailhead, arriving around 8:30 AM. Plans are to log out the trail and also do some brushing out. Coker Creek folks can meet us at the Coker Creek Falls Trailhead at 8:30 AM.

Thursdayt, July 18 - Cooper Gap Trail - We will brush out this trail. Meet at the Maple Springs TH at 8 AM. We need gas powered brushcutters, in particular. Contact us if you need directions, or google the route. Wear long pants, sturdy shoes, and bring lots of water and a lunch in a day pack.

Thursday, July 25 - Starr Mtn Trails - Our plans for Thursday are to brush out Basin Branch and Burkett Ivin's Trails. Bring brushcutters and loppers, pruners, etc. Meet at Maple Springs Trailhead at 8:00. The weather is supposed to be great! Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Saturday - July 27 - BMT Work Trip - Sycamore Creek Section, Section 17a and 17b, 6 mile section Date - Meeting Time and Place - 8 AM behind the Cherohala Skyway Visitor Center, Tellico Plains, TN (For those coming up from GA, contact Phil Guhl ( ) for plans for shuttle and to be sure we have enough equipment and PPE. Plan is to meet at the Home Depot parking lot in Blue Ridge at 7 AM) Work Trip Leaders – Pam & Kent Mathews, with support from Rick Harris for TN/NC folks, and Phil Guhl for GA folks. TN/NC folks should let Pam Mathews know you are coming ( and GA folks should let Phil know you are coming ( ). Plan for the Day – We will do sign-ins and the safety meeting at the Cherohala Skyway Visitor Center at 8 AM, then plan the shuttle. We will break up into three groups. Come a few minutes early to sign in. Group 1 will go up the Skyway and out on Whigg Meadow Rd to where the BMT reaches the road. This group will go downhill, brushing and logging out the upper 2 miles of the trail. Then they will return to their vehicles and drive their vehicles as well as the vehicles from group 2 back to the Visitor Center. Group 1 will also brush and log out the campsite off the end of the first swithback going downhill 1.5 miles from Whigg Meadow Rd before continuing another half mile downhill to their turnaround spot (2 miles downhill from the top). Group 2 will also go to the top of the Sycamore Creek section and hike down 2 miles to the middle section, then log and brush out this 2 mile section to the lower switchback or until they run into Group 3. They will hike out with Group 3 to the bottom and catch a ride with Group 3 to the Visitor Center. Their cars will be driven back to the Visitor Center by Group 1. Group 3 will drive out River Rd to the BMT Tellico River crossing at Pheasant Fields Picnic Area. This group will drive enough vehicles to also take out Group 2 to the Visitor Center at the end of the day. Group 3 will work uphill to the 1st switchback or until they run into Group 2 who will be coming down from above. Then both Group 2 and 3 will hike back to Pheasant Fields Picnic Area. Group 1 will also log and brush out the 2 campsites along Sycamore Creek below the first switchback. NEEDS: We will need at least three chainsaws, one or two with each group. Also, we will need as many brushcutters as we can get together. So, if you have a brushcutter at home, bring it along with at least one extra liter of fuel. Each section should have 4 brush cutters, if possible. Either string or metal blades will work. In fact, string brush cutters might work better than the metal blades. There is a lot of soft annual growth which comes out every year. That is a total of 12 brushcutters. Others can carry swingblades and loppers. OTHER THINGS OF NOTE: Everyone should bring a day pack with 2 liters of water and a hearty lunch. Bring a water filter or sterilizing system to make extra water as well. Everyone should wear long pants and boots. There is lots of poison ivy on this stretch and there are plenty of rocks in the trail to trip you up. Each group should have at least one radio so we can keep in contact with each other. POST-TRIP LIBATIONS: Afterwards, those who wish can all go to eat at Buckets & Brews. They have excellent food offerings and beer. Brenda and Rick just ate there a couple days ago and it was delicious.


Thursday, August 1 - Bald River & Grassy Gap Trails - Hey folks – We will meet here at the Tellico Ranger Station at 0800 this Thursday. We have our monthly safety meeting which starts at 0800, so maybe be here a few minutes early. Depending on the number of people we have, we could split into two crews. One crew could work on the fallen trees on Grassy Gap Trail, and the other could saw out a couple trees on Bald River Trail, on the Holly Flats end. Both of these trails are in Wilderness, so crosscuts, swingblades, loppers, and hand saws are the tools of the day. As always, bring a trail lunch and plenty of water in a day pack, gloves, eye protection, and helmet and wear long pants and sturdy boots. We have helmets, gloves, eye protection and tools if you don't have your own. Park behind the Ranger Station office building and come in the side door. Please let us know you are coming if you are new to our team. Thanks, looking forward to it. Gray Buckles, Trails & Wilderness

Thursday, August 8 - Fodderstack & Falls Branch Falls Trails - Hey ya'll – We will meet up this Thursday at 0800 here at the Tellico office. I would like to work on Falls Branch, and potentially start on the other end of Fodderstack Trail, the Beech Gap end. The SAWS crew is finishing up. Mason and I went out yesterday and met up with them. They started at Farr gap and are working south. I am very pleased with the work. It is really grown in, and I would like to continue the work they have started. Crosscuts, loppers, and sling blades. I know the stinging nettle gets pretty rough up there this time of year. See you Thursday. Thanks, Gray

Saturday, August 10 - GA BMTA Work Trip - Section 8b - Hudson Gap to McKinney Gap - Where: Hudson Gap to McKenny Gap - Section 8b When: Saturday, August 10, 2019 Meet: 8:00 AM at The Village Restaurant (4131 E 1st St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513) or 9:00 AM at Hudson Gap Plan for the Day: Brushing, water diversions What to bring: Minimum 2 liters of water, long pants, boots, gloves and snack. Contact/RSVP: Phil Guhl at or 770-548-5590 We'll work from Hudson Gap to McKenny Gap. There are many water diversions that need to be cleaned, as well as brushing the trail to maintain the 4' x 8' corridor. Invite a guest. If enough volunteers show up, we have several other opportunities to work: sidehilling, additional water diversions, ascent from Bushy Head improvements, etc. What do you get out of helping? Exercise outdoors instead of a gym, camaraderie, new skills, and that good feeling that you are opening up the way for others

Thursday, August 15 - Little Citico Trails - Hey Folks – We will meet here at the Tellico office this Thursday at 0800. We will work on little citico trails. I know we have a decent amount of trees down. Bring brushcutters and loppers. We will not need that many chainsaws. Thanks, Gray

Thursdahy, August 22 - Little Citico Horse Trails & Bald River Falls Trail - One crew will finish sawing out the Little Citico Horse Trail system with chainsaws. Trail #4 is all that is left (Bear Branch). Perhaps Ken, Tazz and Larry and Elizabeth can form 2 groups with 2 vehicles to do this. The other crew will be heading out to the upper trailhead of Bald River (Cantrell Bridge) to go in with a crosscut and get some trees that are reported on that end of the trail (Perhaps, Ron and Barb and Gray and Katherine). Idon't know if Bobby will make it. He was barely walking on Tuesday night (back). And I think Rick may have already headed out on his western trip. If anyone else shows up we can divvy them up and hand them some loppers. Happy Trails, Tazz

Saturday, August 24 - TN BMTA Work Trip - Section 15a - TN68 to Coker Creek - We will be working on the section of the BMT from the TN68 crossing down to the Coker Creek campsite along the Hiwassee River. The crew from TN & NC will go in from TN68 and those from GA will go in from the Coker Creek bridge. Tools will be chain saws, brushcutters, swingblades. loppers etc. TN & NC folks will meet at the TN68 crossing st 8 AM. GA folks will meet at the Blue Ridge Home Depot at 7:30 AM. TN & NC folks should contact Dick Evans ( and GA folks should contact Phil Guhl ( to sign up.

Thursday, August 29 - Brookshire Creek Trail - Hello again – We will meet here at the Tellico office tomorrow at 0800. I will not be in tomorrow, but Katherine will be, and she plans on working with the crew. She wants to work on Brookshire creek trail. If not, I am quite sure it will be a Wilderness trail, so crosscuts, loppers, hand saws, etc.… Everyone be safe out there, and enjoy the day. Gray Buckles


Thursday, September 5 - Sylco Trail - We intend to install a tile in the Sylco Trail. Ken wanted to hook up the trailer in some daylight, so we won't be meeting until 9:00. Note this special time! Meet behind the Hardees in Ocoee. Tools needed: Shovels, garden rakes, Pulaskis, etc. Happy Trails Tazz

Thursday, September 12 - Burkitt Ivins and Starr Mtn Trails - Ken and Bobby are going to clean out the water turn outs on Burkett Ivin's Trail using Bobby's machine. We built those several years ago, and they all need pushing back out. The rest of us will lop out Burkett Ivin's Extension. I checked it out on horseback last Saturday, and it doesn't need weedeaters, just a lot of lopping of overhead limbs. Let's all bring loppers, pruning shears, etc. and take care of that. This will involve a one mile hike of 1/2 mi. up and over the main ridgeline and then 1/2 mi. down the other side= total of 2 mi. round trip hiking. It is still way too hot, so bring plenty to hydrate with, and we should be done shortly after noon. We'll save the Starr Mtn Trail brush out project until next week, so hopefully we'll have Bobby and Ken back to help us get as many blades spinning on that trail as possible. Meet at the Maple Springs Trailhead at 8 AM Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Thursday, September 19 - Starr Mtn Horse Trail - We will be working on this trail. Meet at Maple Springs at 8 AM

Thursday, September 26 - Starr Mtn Horse Trail - We will finish up brushing out Starr Mtn Horse Trail. We will access from FS Rd. #44 and go up Burkett Ivins. The section we still need to complete is about a half mile on either side of the intersection. If we get this completed in time we may work on another small project brushing out. Weedeaters are the primary tools. Blades and string both worked well together last week. Sling blades can also be used. Meet at Maple Springs at 8:00. I'm handing the baton back over to Gray after this week (back at Tellico). Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Saturday, September 28 - TN BMTA Work Trip - John Muir Trail from Big Bend to Wildcat Creek - Time: 9 AM Meeting Place: Childers Creek Parking Area of John Muir Trail, near Reliance, TN Plan: We will break into 3 teams, if we have enough folks. One team will go in from the Big Bend site toward Towee Creek. A second crew will go in from Towee Creek and head up the switchbacks toward Wildcat Creek. The third crew will go in by the powerhouse and go to Wildcat Creek and work toward Towee Creek. When crews 2 and 3 meet, they will walk out. The plan is to brush and log out this section completely. It might be possible to send just two chainsaw teams, one going from Wildcat Creek south and the other going from Big Bend north, meeting in the middle. We will mostly need brushcutters and loppers. Please let me know if you can attend ( or 513-260-1184 c, 423-253-6358 h). GA folks should arrange shuttle through Phil Guhl ( We will plan on eating and drinking beer afterwards at Flip Flops. Their website and FB page says they will be open.Rick Harris


Thursday, October 3 - Thursday, Oct 3 - North Fork Trail - Hey Trail Volunteers – I hope everyone is doing well, and looking forward to some cooler temps! Sorry for the delayed email. Katherine and I have been on an overnight camping trip in Citico Wilderness, wrapping up a trail survey on North Fork. For tomorrow, myself and Katherine are not available. We have to take the pack test for fire. We will be here normal time, so we can brief everyone at 0800. As for the plans tomorrow, take a look at the picture that I have attached. This is on North Fork trail, approximately 1 mile up from the trail bridge. As most people know, this will require crossing the stream a couple times. I am sure that section could be brushed out as well. We can discuss details in the morning, but this will require a little digging. We can provide those tools so folks can bring loppers and hand saws. Thanks everyone, Gray

Thursday, October 10 - Jeffreys Hell Trail - There will be a sling blade party on Jeffrey's Hell Trail. Meet at the Tellico Ranger Station at 8:00. If you don't have a sling blade we will provide you with one. This is a 2 mile trail, and if we have a crew of about 10 people I think we can get it all on Thursday. You possibly could need a jacket up there. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid (per Gray Buckles)

Saturday, October 12 - JOHN MUIR TRAIL CLEANUP
 Club will do trash cleanup and maintenance on the three mile section of trail between Childers Creek trailhead and Big Bend trailhead.  Meet at the Childers Creek trailhead to organize car shuttle to Big Bend. Childers Creek is just upstream from the bridge across the Hiwassee River at Reliance, TN. Wear sturdy boots, gloves, bring lunch, water and raingear.   Hike Leaders Ruth and Clayton Pannell, 423-263-9730 or 423-435-1848 or

Thursday, October 17 - Pine Ridge Trail - Hey Folks – I hope you are enjoying this cooler weather. I just found out that Katherine and myself are not available this Thursday. We have to attend our annual fire refresher class. I was looking back at my notes, and saw that we have not been on Pine Ridge trail in a year. I know the last time I was out there, the upper part of the trail was pretty overgrown. I am not sure about downed trees. It is a long and steady uphill hike all the way! People can meet up here at the Tellico office at 8am. Thanks, Gray

Wednesday-Thursday October 23-24 - First Aid/CPR Class - As most of you all know, we will be having the first aid/CPR class tomorrow. Seven people are planning on being in the class. If anyone still wants to get out tomorrow and do some trail work, Katherine will be leading the crew. It will either be Falls branch or Conasauga falls. Be here at 8. Thanks

Thursday, October 24 - Conasauga Falls Trail - For those not in the FA/CPR Class, we will be working on this trail

Saturday, October 26 - NC BMTA Work Trip - Big Fat Gap to Yellowhammer Gap - Cancelled due to inclement weather

Saturday, October 26 - TN BMTA Event - We will have a booth at the Cherohala Skyway Festival with crosscut saw demos and will let kids and childish parents try their hand with a crosscut saw


Thursday - November 7 - Volunteeer Picnic - Meet at the Tellico Ranger Station for a pitch in lunch (meat, drinks provided) followed by presentation of various awards.

Thursday, November 14 - Rough Creek Trail - Plans are to log and brush out a section of the Rough Creek Trail on the northern slopes of Big Frog near the Ocoee Whitewater Center

Thursday, November 21 - Starr Mtn Trails - We intend to brush out Hogback Ridge Trail with loppers, etc. There is also a big tree down on Bullet Creek that a couple of our sawyers can go remove. We should finish shortly after lunch time, and the rain is supposed to hold off until the evening. Meet at Maple Springs Trailhead ay for the tail gate safety meeting, and then we will truck pool from there. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid

Sunday, November 24 - TN BMTA Work Trip - Work Site: Section 12c-12d, Kimsey Mountain Highway to Lost Creek Campground -Moved to Sunday due to heavy rains on Saturday - Meet: 8:00 Hardee's in Ducktown, TN or at the corner of Hwy 30 and Kimsey Hwy at 8:30. Shuttle Drivers welcomed to join us for A.M. drop offs if you can not work. Plan for the Day: Brushing and logging, need three chainsaw teams, 3 brush cutter, loppers, swingblade teams. What to Bring: Minimum 2 liters of water, long pants, boots, gloves, hat, snacks, possibly poncho RSVP: Clare Sullivan or 404-849-0872, so we can plan the teams, number of tools, helmets Ed and I look forward to having you join us. Hope to relax at The Old Country Porch restaurant after working. Clare and Ed Sullivan, Rick Harris

Thursday - November 28 - Hogback Ridge Trail - We intend to brush out Hogback Ridge Trail with loppers, etc. There is also a big tree down on Bullet Creek that a couple of our sawyers can go remove. We should finish shortly after lunch time, and the rain is supposed to hold off until the evening. Meet at Maple Springs Trailhead ay for the tail gate safety meeting, and then we will truck pool from there. Happy Trails, Tazz Reid


Thursday, December 5 - Warriors Passage Trail - Hey Folks – I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We will be having our monthly safety meeting this Thursday at 0800. We will not have breakfast, just a safety meeting. After the meeting, we will head out to Warriors Passage Trail. My plan is to knock out half of the trail this week, and the other half next week. We can figure out the logistics Thursday, but vehicle shuttling will need to happen. I know Rick and some others have worked a lot on this trail recently, so it should not be too bad. I will carry a chainsaw and other folks can bring loppers, hand saws, and anything else we may need. Brandon and myself have been working on a volunteer schedule for all of 2020 and I will go over it with you all Thursday. Thanks, Gray

Thursday, December 12 - Warriors Passage Trail - Hey Yall – We are meeting in the morning at 0800. Going to finish Warriors Passage. Bring a couple brushcutters. I plan on running the saw. Sorry for the late email Gray Buckles

Wednesday, December 18 - Fall Branch Falls & Jeffrey Hell Trails - Sue Robinson led two club members, four guests and a canine on a frosty hike to Falls Branch Falls and Jeffrey Hell Trail in Citico Creek Wilderness/Cherokee National Forest off the Cherohala Skyway. The falls were roaring, but unfortunately the hikers could only look from afar as the creek was full and the crossing rocks to the trail continuation were icy. On the way back, after lunch at the trailhead, the club hiked the adjoining Jeffrey Hell Trail almost to the end. Again, the creek there was rushing and the rhododendrons formed a frosty tunnel. Approximately six and a half miles out and back on both trails.

Thursday, December 19 - Bald River & Cow Camp Trails - Hey Folks – This Thursday is a go. I will not be here, but we have a good plan. We will meet here at the Tellico office at 0800. If there are enough people, you can split up into a couple groups. One group will take care of cow camp trail and the others will work on bald river trail. The two trails meet up, so you can make a loop out of it if you want. I know of a couple trees down on bald river. A crosscut saw or two, loppers, a couple sling blades, and maybe a Pulaski or rogue hoe would be the tools to bring. Be safe out there. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication. See you next week. Merry Christmas! Gray

Friday, December 20 - Coker Creek Falls Trail - The Coker Creek Ruritan folks and a few of us regular Thursday Crew will log and brush out the Coker Creek Falls Trail this Friday. come join us. Meet at the Coker Creek Falls trailhead at 10 AM.

Saturday, December 21 - TN BMTA Work Trip - Sections 15b-c - Tate Gap to Sandy Gap - We will log and brush out both sections and repaint the blazes on the section from Six Mile Gap to Tate Gap

Thursday, December 26 - Citico Creek Bridge and Trail Sign - Hey Folks – We will meet up here at the Tellico office at 0800. I would like to install the North Fork Citico trail sign and potentially replace some of the boards on the bridge. I understand that several people may not be available, but I just wanted to let you know that we will be here ready to go. Merry Christmas! Gray