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Lower Hiwassee Canoe Trip
Sunday, July 10 & Aug 14, 2011


Brief Description:   We will canoe 9 miles from the Gee Creek Campground to the Patty Bridge takeout. This is a fairly leisurely trip for open canoes.  It is 3 miles to the US411 bridge, then another 6 miles down to the Patty Bridge. Each person will be responsible for their own canoe, life jackets, and other gear.  Anyone with a canoe, please let Clayton know if you have room for another person(s) in your canoe. Each person will need water, snacks, rain gear and any other lightweight items (preferably waterproof) to help make the trip enjoyable.  

Length:  9 miles

Difficulty Rating: Moderate to Easy, nothing worse than a class II rapid

Hike Leader If interested, please call Clayton at 423-263-9730

Directions to the TrailheadMeet at 2 p.m. at the boat ramp at the Gee Creek Campground; we will float from the Gee Creek Campground to Patty Bridge. From Gee Creek we will work out the shuttle of vehicles to Patty Bridge to pick up our canoes. 

Post Trip Report: (July 10 trip): This canoe excursion started out from Highway 411, and ended at the Two Rivers Campground. Twelve people arrived at the Highway 411 Bridge for our great adventurer down the Hiwassee, all the way to Two River Campground at the junction of the Ocoee River and the Hiwassee.  After shuttling our vehicles, that we used to haul our canoes and kayaks from Two Rivers back to the Highway 411 bridge, we launched our canoes and kayaks and stated our trip down the Hiwassee.  The Sunday afternoon was very warm, and a lot of splashing was done to keep people cool.  The trip with low water flow took about three and 1/2 hours.  Our thanks go to a great group of people and all the help.  People on the trip included Clayton Pannell (leader), Carol Guhne, Carroll Guhne, Tim Schuiling, Teresa Schuiling, Ruth Ellen Schuiling, Leon Bates, Jane Bohannon, Joanne Jackson, Bill Kamm, Carroll Kamm, and Andy Higginbotham.

(Aug 14 trip): We plan to canoe/kayak down the river to Patty Bridge.  The river should be at low flow to make a slow and easy float trip.  Please make arrangements to bring your canoe/kayak, or use a friendís.  You will also need to bring water, life jackets, paddles, and any personal items to make the trip more enjoyable. Directions to the starting point: meet at the Hiwassee/Ocoee River campground (the Gee Creek Campground) Sunday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.  When we arrive there, we will work out our shuttle to get our vehicles to Patty Bridge, in order to haul the canoes/kayaks back to the Campground.


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