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Donley Cabin - Lower Sycamore Creek
Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brief Description:  This event will take place in the Cherokee National Forest, off of Tellico Rd. This is a joint event with the Hiwassee Club. We will tour the Donley Cabin first, and then proceed to Sycamore Creek.  Note: this is not an overnighter.   If anyone is planning on renting the Donley Cabin at the time of the hike, we will get to see more of the Donley Cabin than otherwise.  The Donley Cabin Tour will include a 1/4 mile hike from the small parking lot across a significant stream (the North River) using a foot-log crossing.  Because of the small parking area, we will need to limit the number of vehicles as much as possible.  The unpaved Forest Road #217 stretches for 5 1/2 miles to the cabin parking area, and has so many pot holes that you probably can’t miss them all. After the brief visit to Donley Cabin, we will then proceed up the Tellico River Road to the Sycamore Creek Trail.  The trail starts right beside the bridge between the Pheasant Fields picnic area and the fish hatchery.  There is a bathroom at the parking lot.  The hike is 2 miles in and 2 miles out along the beautiful Sycamore Creek on an old logging road/railroad bed.  The trail is relatively level and tends to have a couple of wet spots.  Hiking sticks would be definitely recommended if there has been recent rain, causing slippery roots and slippery rocks.  Please bring plenty of water & a little trail food. After the hike, we will have a late lunch at the The Tellico Kats Deli beside the Tellico River.  

Length 4.5 miles

Difficulty Rating: Easy

Hike Leader Jane Bohannon Please contact the hike leader if you plan to go, at 745-9534, cell 381-8388

Directions to the Trailhead Meet at Hardy’s on Highway 68 at Tellico at 9:00 a.m., or near the Sycamore Creek trail head at 10:45 a.m., in the Pheasant Field picnic area parking lot on the Tellico River Road beside the fish hatchery.

Post Trip Report: This was a joint hike with the Hiwassee Hiking Club.  Seven hikers  toured the historic Donley Cabin and some were interested in returning for an overnighter.  Nine hikers and our two dog friends, Jake and Bart Foster, hiked the Lower Sycamore Creek Trail.  We were fortunate to have Leon Bates along to answer our wildflower questions.  We didn’t see any wildlife on the trail, but did see evidence of wild hog rooting.  After the hike we took time to cool the dogs and ourselves in the creek so that we would feel just right to go to Tellico Kats Deli. We got our “scattered thunderstorm”  on our drive to eat.  Then again as we ate at Tellico Kats, another down pour came, so we felt extremely blessed for a great hiking day followed by a good rain.  Hikers were:  Sheila Bailey, Leon Bates, Carol and Carroll Guhne, A. Lorene Powers, Marc  Bernatti, Brenda Harris, Esther Nunley, and hike leader Jane Bohannon.


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